Payment Plan

Hello everybody.

One of the most disturbing questions that will be on everyone’s mind is what the payment plan is or when is each seller going to be paid after success transaction on our Market Place.

Ask no further because we are going to be dealing with that issue now.

To begin with, our percentage commission rates can be found here .  This covers for the smooth running of the website, website maintenance, tax, and miscellaneous.  With this understanding, we can begin explaining every other thing.

All sellers will have access to their money when the request for withdrawal.  Once a sellers request for withdrawal, the request is processed.  However, we also monitor things from here too.  We make payment available to sellers every week.  In other words, we pay our sellers every week.  Please understand the following;  You will get paid every week.  What this actually means is that, you will get paid one week after a successful transaction.

What is a Successful transaction?

A successful transaction is completed transaction cycle, which begins from the moment the buyer buys from the seller to when the buyer receives the goods.  Now when the buyer gets the goods, we allow a window period of four (4) days for the buyer to issue complain(s) about the product if there is going to be any.  Once there is not, the rest of the three (3) days is used to process the seller’s withdrawal fund.

We shall be updating you all on latest developments.


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