About Us


ShoppingHub was created in 2017 by Modebe Daniel, a business man, Emmanuel Adeniji, Adefioye Michael Olusegun.

They created ShoppingHub as a solution to cub the high rate of unemployment in the Country.  ShoppingHub is an online retail store for sellers to upload their products and sell with ease.  Sellers are able to register for free, upload product and sell.

They developed ShoppingHub with the unemployed Youths who want to go into business in mind.

All they need do is register as sellers upload their products, promote their personal online shop and make sales.  This makes them gainfully employed.

The above analysis shows that 50% of the Nigerian youth are not working.  Not because they do not want to work but because the job is not available to them

The age range of this group is 24 – 40 years of age

That 50% represents 108.03million people in the Nigerian populace.  By inference, it also means if they are empowered to be self employed, their financial status will improve.

ShoppingHub is targeting this potential population group in order to give them an enabling environment to be self reliance.


The Solution ?


Upload and Sell

We have quite a number of products within ShoppingHub but the basics and starting point for accessing these products are to Upload and Sell your products.

We believe in the effectiveness of our market place.  Therefore, in order to begin to enjoy our various products, our sellers / intending sellers need to upload their products, gain approval and earn the ability to sell just after their product has been approved.  Once these have been done, our sellers are able to access other products.

Recommended Products Categories

The following are the recommended product categories sellers can upload their products



-Shoes & Bags

Phones and Laptops

We shall be increasing the categories with time.